The Mummers in the Media
The Mummers and the local Press have had a good relationship through the years; the papers have kindly carried announcements and previews of the Boxing Day performances, and the Mummers have provided plenty of lively images and copy for post-Christmas editions.

Both the Herts Advertiser and the St Albans Review have on-line archives; you can search for some of their past articles, (AND read the latest editions!), by going to the appropriate website at


Museum Donation

This year, the Mummers decided to donate some of the money collected from the ever-generous audiences last Boxing Day to the project to convert the Town Hall into a new Museum and Art Gallery for the city. In early April, they descended into the depths to present a  cheque for the the donation. Both local papers carried stories on the event; you can enjoy them at HertsAd and Review respectively.

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