Boxing Day, Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Mummers in Pictures

People have taken photographs since the Mummers' earliest days, and many have been kind enough to give us copies for our records.

We want to make some of these pictures available online, so this page will provide links to various sets. We hope to add pictures from other years as we get them organised.
Click on the year you want to see.

Christine Bennett's pictures.
Christine has been our most regular photographer for several years (I wonder why?). She uses Flickr to store her excellent pictures, and we're delighted to link to them. There's a set for every year since 2008.

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Michael Maggs' pictures
In 2015, another photographer became "dragooned" into recording the Mummers' antics, and he produced a super set to complement Christine's, which he's kindly allowed us to share on Flickr. We hope these are the first of many.


Flickr opens a new page to display each set of pictures; just close the Flickr page when you've finished with it, and you'll return here.

Video of 2017 Perfomance

The 2017 performance at the White Hart Hotel is here on video, on YouTube.

(C) 2018 St Alban's Mummers / Sandy Glover