will revive St George and the Dragon
Boxing Day,
Thursday, 26 December 2019

Your Mummers need YOU !

St Alban's Mummers are always looking for new blood, preferably inside younger, fresher bodies, to carry forward our unique contribution to Christmas in St Albans. Could one body be yours?

What do you need to be a Mummer? Certainly not fantastic acting skills or experience, though these are always welcome. You'll have to learn lines, but these are short and simple. You'll need to be available for a couple of short practice sessions in December, and, of course, on Boxing Day itself.

Your character may have to "die" at the hands of St George, then lie on the ground, until "cured" by the Doctor's potion (which may be worse than death). Alternatively, you may just have a few lines to say. You'll be very close to our audiences, who need no encouragement to add their comments, so it helps if you can interact with them.

The play is short, about twenty minutes, and it's not at all "heavy".There are five performances on Boxing Day, but between shows, we pause for refreshment, to get the chill out of our bones, and it's all over by about 3 pm.

The main thing about the St Alban's Mummers play is that it's fun, for our audiences and for us. Why not be a part of it?

If you think you would like to be a Mummer, please contact:-


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